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Candidate testimonials are important to us.

We pride ourselves in getting to know you, offering advice and coaching to ensure you have the best interview experience.  Here are a few of our recent candidate testimonials.

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“It was an absolute pleasure working with Helen and Mel from GoGecko. They are fantastic recruiters and were both very supportive throughout my job search. I felt like they genuinely wanted to help and cared about me, which I can’t say is the case for many other recruitment agencies. Their support was incredibly valuable in helping me land my dream role and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend GoGecko to anyone looking for a new position.”
Recent Candidate


I arrived in England 5 months ago, I have studies in electronics, 3D printing, programming, statistics and some other related knowledge in electronics. I have been looking for work without success for a long time. Trying every time to reinforce my skills by studying. After a long time searching without getting interviews, even for jobs that were below my level in electronics, such as assembly lines. I was desperate and did not understand why I did not get any interviews. A fairly large agency, offered me a review of my CV. Upon receiving that analysis, I understood the problem. They were using software to analyze CVs. Of mine it said that my experience came from being a user, that my level was medium low and my fields of knowledge were the design of games and the administration of the clergy. Fortunately, Helen Vane contacted me because she saw that I had applied to two positions in the same company. She organised two interviews on the same day, for both jobs. In a Skype call she explained how the interview would be and gave me some recommendations, that since I’m not used to speaking in English, it would be good to have a folder with images of the work I had done, that way the photos would speak for themselves and support my interview process.. I got the job, a very good one in a very good company. I am very grateful to Helen because thanks to her doing her job well I got mine.
Testimonial from an Electronics Prototype Engineer relocating to the UK from Spain


Helen is a brilliant recruiter and has found me my dream job, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.  She made the whole experience of looking for a job quick, easy and painless. I would definitely recommend Helen and GoGecko to anyone looking for a new career.
Recent Candidate


GoGecko managed my placement with my current employer. I found GoGecko’s personal & hands-on approach a refreshing change to the general telephone based, numbers driven, philosophy of the recruitment market. I would happily recommend GoGecko to anyone.
Testimonial from a Design Engineer candidate we placed


My experience with GoGecko and Helen
It is difficult to do anything than wax lyrical about my experience with GoGecko recruitment. My job hunt was more difficult than most. I had taken the decision to move from rural Yorkshire to Brighton and was ready to make a career change. I got in touch with several recruitment agency’s in the hope of finding my ideal role based in Brighton and, although I was met with some positivity in my endeavour, the majority told me that I should get in touch after I had moved to Brighton for them to assist in my job hunt. Not Helen. From the word go Helen was prepared to go above and beyond to help find the perfect place for me, her positivity and enthusiasm made my interview processes incredibly smooth, she ensured companies were aware of my situation and coordinated several phone interviews to get the ball rolling. She facilitated my getting final job interviews in a short time frame so I could do them in one single trip.
All through the interview process she was constantly available to talk, to advise and even made sure she called me out of working hours to ensure my journey down south had been smooth. I don’t think its an overstatement to say she managed to find a company I am perfectly suited for, she immediately understood I was looking for a company eager to embrace creativity and have the same values as myself.
The pinnacle of Helens support has to be the moment I received an email from her, over the Christmas period, before my 150 mile move to a new city where she asked if I needed any help moving. Her commitment to making such a large change for me seem easy and hassle free was unbelievable.
I can unequivocally state that Helen is a credit to her business and profession. It is a joy to know she will be supporting me through the probationary period in my new role and if there is ever an occasion to recommend a recruitment service, I would have no hesitation in whom to put forward.
Recent Candidate


Helen is a consummate professional consultant. She focuses on you and your skills and experience, and diligently seeks to find roles that are suited to you. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, I would definitely use Helen again, and highly recommend her and GoGecko.
Recent Candidate


I had a great experience working with Helen as a recruiter. Helen took the time to ensure that I was prepared for my interview by making me aware of questions that might be asked during the interview and how to answer them. I would definitely use Helen again when looking for my next job.
Recent Candidate


After months of searching for a job with no luck, I was really lucky to come across Helen. Not only did she make the process of finding a job so much easier, but she was there every step of the way to ensure that both the company and I were a perfect match. I strongly recommend GoGecko to anyone looking for a job. I’ve never been happier, thank you Helen!
Recent Candidate


I had a great experience working with Helen as a recruiter. Helen took the time to ensure that I was prepared for my interview by making me aware of questions that might be asked during the interview and how to answer them. I would definitely use Helen again when looking for my next job.
Testimonial from a Test Engineer we placed