So, you are looking to hire a new member of your team.  You will have high hopes of the perfect match applying to your job advert.  However, there will be applicants who judging by their CV’s make you wonder whether they have read the advert.

How do you minimise that happening not to mention the time it takes to look through CV’s and reply to everyone?

The process should always start with being crystal clear about who you are looking for and that starts with writing a great job brief/description.

But how do I create a good description? Read on to find out…

Introduce your company and job position

The opening line needs to catch the attention of the jobseeker. Think about what to say about your business that will make them want more!  But don’t over do it!

Introduce the role. Include soft skills required and reinforce your company culture. Give a brief bit of history of your business, for instance; “Leaf-lets are an award-winning Estate agent based in Sussex. We have been in business for 10 years and have optimistic, hardworking staff who always aim to go above and beyond for our clients. We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly energetic individual to join our team!”

State the role duties

Following on from the introduction describe what they will be doing. It might help if you verbally say the duties out loud as if you are explaining them to someone.

Being specific about what the job is all about will show any interested candidates the level of skill in that sector they need. For example, if one of the duties was to ‘carry out analytical reports using Google Analytics’, Digital Marketers who have experience reporting using Google Analytics would apply for the role with confidence.

Listing requirements

Create the job requirements in an easy to read list format. No one wants to read a lengthy document when applying for a job.

Don’t over do it, too many requirements can make the job seeker believe that they are not capable for the job when in fact they are.

Shout about the benefits

This is a section to show the jobseeker what’s in it for them.  You can show the candidate how well you take care of your employees. 95% of all job seekers value their work environment, team and culture above money.

Benefits you offer are becoming more important in a candidate tight market. Here are some to possibly make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Number of holiday days – are you above average?
  • Healthcare/Pension etc… have you looked at what you offer?
  • Bring your pet to work days
  • Office dog
  • Free healthy breakfast, fruit and snacks
  • Beer fridge Friday
  • Free parking

Don’t rely on your own ideas, ask your team. What would make them apply for the job?

We are all human and a bit of honesty goes along way.

Finding your next super star should be fun, exciting and rewarding, so get the beginning of the journey right!

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