New Year, New Me! Well, that was my attitude this time last year, and as I look at what I’ve achieved with GoGecko, it really does ring true!

I love recruitment, and have felt for the last 20 years that this is the career for me. After coasting at a large corporate firm whilst starting a family (who were, by the way, super supportive and flexible throughout this whole process), I knew I needed more. I looked at promotion and becoming more specialist and, after a few interviews, accepted a position starting up an HR division from scratch. This was a fantastic experience that, despite not ending well, gave me the confidence to really start to grow something from nothing for someone else. So I thought, ‘Why not go it alone?’ I didn’t come to this decision easily, and even went back and interviewed with my old employer. On reflection, perhaps this was me looking for a familiar environment after a particularly stressful period of time.

In that interview room, the minute I finished talking I knew it was not for me. I had always felt like a round peg in a square hole, and this instance was no different. My methods have been described as maverick, and instead of being motivated by money, I am inspired by people’s fascinating stories, and the satisfaction of starting or enhancing a career. I’m always told off for spending too much time with people! It made sense to entertain the idea of starting something up myself.

pexels-photo-68562With this in mind, I ran to Waterstones and bought 2 books. These were ‘Who Moved my Cheese’ (which, by the way, everyone of any age should read), and ‘How To Be A Productivity Ninja’ (I was especially attracted to the bit about being a Ninja!) I then treated myself to lunch, with money from what would turn out to be my last salary for a while. This was my moment. I had a choice to make. Set up my own business, or always wonder what it would have been like…

When voicing the inevitable decision of setting up my own business to those close to me, they all said “Of course you are! You’ve been talking about it for ages.” It turns out that my family and friends know me better than I do! After a lot of playing around with ideas, GoGecko was born. I wanted a brand that stood out, but was also personal to me. My sister designed the logo, and my Dad leant me some money to get started. I was full of determination, and raring to go. 

We got our first client instruction in May, and continue to grow organically. I am now doing my version of recruitment my way. Spending time with people, getting to know their stories to help them achieve their goals, both for candidates, and for business. We even achieved Highly Commended in the Startup Business category at Adur and Worthing Business Awards, something I only could have dreamed of this time last year. 

As well as an opportunity to be bigger, bolder and better, January can also be a reflective time. The takeaway from my story, as I look back on the last year and forwards into 2017, is this – If I can, you can. It just takes a bit of nerve, an idea and, most importantly, action.

If you want to talk to me about helping you grow you career with the right opportunities, or your business with fantastic and talented people, please feel free to contact me or have a look through the pages of our website.