Just how do you attract the Perfect Employee?

One mistake that businesses often make when recruiting for a vacant role is appealing to too many people. Whilst this initially may seem like a good idea in terms of choice of candidates, it doesn’t work out well in the long run. When you think about it, you only want to attract the type of people suited to the job, and that’s only going to be a select number of people. Why bog yourself down with applications that just aren’t going to ever fit?

So, how do you go about attracting those perfect employees?

Do Your Research

We mean this mainly in terms of salary. Research the same (or similar) role and see what the general consensus is on yearly or hourly pay. Those suited to the role will be able to tell that what you’re offering is fair compensation for their skills.

Make Growth Opportunities Clear 

Is there the chance to progress through the company? Learn new skills? Take on more responsibility and therefore an increase in pay? Build it into the job advert. The right people will know instantly if this is something that appeals to them.

Mention Benefits 

Even if you don’t want to detail the benefits in the job advert, at least allude to perks. These could be small things, like free staff parking or onsite canteen, or bigger benefits like generous holiday allowance, gym membership, or medical and dental insurance.

Express the Passion

Try and make your job advert spring to life, and convey the passion that you feel for your business. Outlining the type of attitude you’re looking for from your staff will make those perfect candidates identify, and click apply straight away.

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