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8 Oct, 2021

Let’s talk about burnout!

Let’s talk about burnout! Let’s talk about burnout! Burnout, for many, is the number one reason for changing jobs/careers. Burnout is emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress from work. At work, there can be many things causing this, from excessive work to unclear expectations. As scary as it might be, […]

Changing careers
14 Sep, 2021

Is Changing Careers Truly Possible

Changing careers is possible! Changing careers can definitely be daunting. I was listening to another great interview on Selina Barker’s ‘The Career Change Coach’ (check her out on audible!). She was talking to a paediatrician who loved the wellbeing & people side of her job, but had fallen out of love with the relentless hours […]

10 Sep, 2021

Kickstart Scheme – my pearls of wisdom

The Kickstart Scheme – my pearls of wisdom Are you a Small- or Medium-sized business looking at getting your mojo back or experiencing growth, but you are lacking cash flow or not sure if the need justifies an extra headcount? The kickstart Scheme is a fantastic, fully-funded programme to get 16-24 year olds who are […]

Online Interview
6 Sep, 2021

Online Interview tips

How do you prepare for an online interview? This is a question many people have asked themselves as we navigate through a time that’s increasingly geared toward the digital pathway. Now that an online interview tends to be the default way for companies to get to know you and assess your knowledge and skills, it […]

28 May, 2021

GoGecko CV Guide

The ultimate CV guide   There are hundreds of thousands of articles online on CV Tips, how to write your CV, what to include, what NOT to include, etc. We wanted to share what, in our experience as recruitment experts, works best.   Firstly, the format of your CV matters. It doesn’t need to be […]

13 Mar, 2020

IR35 Questions Answered for Businesses and Contractors

Are you prepared for IR35? GoGecko has collaborated with Joel Etoe, Director of Granite BPO, to bring you a greater understanding to stay within the law. IR35 is causing headaches for many UK businesses and contractors.  Joel gives a brief overview of this new legislation along with the impact it will have on contractors and […]

5 Mar, 2020

Workplace Culture & Enhancing Employee Wellbeing

Statistics show happy workers are 12% more productive than the average worker.  How happy are your people? Healthy, confident and happy teams directly impact business success. The most successful companies we work with care about their people. Some provide flexibility so that you can pursue your own health and wellbeing activities outside work, whilst others […]