Do you want a festive confidence boost? Here’s how to overcome social anxiety…

Is social anxiety interfering with your job?

The festive season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to unwrap the gift of confidence. Whether you find yourself stumbling through conversations or feeling the pressure during job interviews, fear not!

This Christmas let’s sleigh social anxiety and smash your career goals with a dash of merry confidence.

Shyness vs. Social Anxiety:

Do you know the difference between just being shy and having social anxiety? Think snowflake vs blizzard.

Shyness is that initial hesitation, the pause before jumping into the social playground. It’s like having a little social buffering time, where you observe, take it all in, and decide when it’s just right to join the party.

Whereas social anxiety is the intense fear of that social playground. Imagine stage fright but for everyday social situations.

It’s common to mistake extreme shyness for social anxiety, but the nuances lie in the impact on your life, the intensity of fear, and the level of avoidance.

Common Symptoms:

Picture this: you’re in a job interview and you begin to stammer, your mind goes blank, you can’t get your words out and you feel embarrassed.


Picture this: you’re in a meeting shaking/bouncing your legs to distract your mind going at 1000 miles an hour.

Both are common scenarios for those with social anxiety disorder, where you develop fidgeting habits as your brain’s way of coping with the negative emotions.

However, with the right preparation and coping tricks, you can turn this snowstorm into a winter wonderland of opportunities.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety:

Spotting the infamous ‘leg bounce’ or any other anxiety symptom is the first step to regaining control. This Christmas, we want to share some of our tips to help you trade your jitters for a dance of confidence, making your professional journey merrier and brighter.

Tip 1: Find a job that aligns with your interests and personality. (Finding the right job is like picking your favourite ice-cream flavour. You wouldn’t force yourself to eat a scoop of something you don’t like, right?)

Tip 2: Prepare and rehearse. Identify and challenge negative thoughts related to social situations. Replace them with more positive and realistic thoughts.

Winnie the Pooh sat down next to a speech bubble saying Christopher Robin's famous quote, "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think".

Tip 3: Celebrate small wins (very important!)

Tip 4: Talk to a colleague or friend. Having someone to talk to can provide emotional support and different perspectives.

Tip 5: Seek professional help and invest in socials skills training. Investing in yourself is the ultimate power-up.

Tip 6: Read self-help books. Grab a cup of tea, or hot chocolate, cosy up, and start to understand your anxiety.

Admitting that you need help is like singing your favourite carol out loud; it takes courage. If you’re feeling ready contact us today and let’s sprinkle some festive guidance and support into your plans.