Benefits of Remote Working

The question is why is remote working is so popular?

Before the pandemic, just 5.7% of us were working from home. Today this couldn’t be further from reality. With nearly everyone having experienced or have known someone who began working from home in April 2020, with new reports showing 43.1% found ourselves working remotely.


  1. No commuting stresses – The simplicity of being able to wake up, eat breakfast and walk into another room to begin work is not only appealing for ease, but also for the fact that it removes the stress of commuting.


  1. Increases productivity – With remote working, employees are often met with quiet, less distractions and the comfort of having a workspace in one room, which has resulted in increased productivity.


  1. Money savings – Remote working and hybrid working also offers savings in money, both personally and professionally. By not having to do things like commuting and buying lunch every day and companies are saving money in areas including utilities, maintenance, and cleaning services.


  1. Positive environmental impact – Our planet is struggling, and businesses need to look at the impact their activities are having on the environment. The fact that working from home can offer part of a solution is definitely an incredible benefit.


  1. A better work-life balance – Providing staff with invaluable extra time, this time can come in the form of a lunch break, the time saved from commuting or just the time in the morning saved from having to get ready to leave the house.  Working from home can improve your work-life balance, making you happier and healthier employees.


Despite not everyone being able to work from home, it is likely that it is here to stay now and into the distant future and it’s something we are excited about! Hopefully you’ll get to experience the Benefits of Remote Working too.