Can you use job search engines on job sites to your advantage?

Job Search Engine


In short, yes, you can totally use job-search engines to your advantage! Job sites are many job-seekers’ first go-to when looking for a job. Many open a profile, fill out their details, and forget about it when nothing happens. Truth is, if you know how to maximise the potential of your profiles, your job-search process will become much easier.

Here are my top tips to maximise return using job-search engines:


1) Create a profile on as many job sites as you can. The more sites you are on, the more potential employers/recruiters you are reaching.

2) Make sure you have your contact details updated on all of them.
3) Update your profiles once a week! This is a game-changer – set aside an hour every week to do this. Even if you are just deleting your CV and re-uploading it, it will keep your profile active, which will ensure recruiters can see you are still in the market and it will bump you to the top of the list in searches.
4) Keywords – look at the job advert for the role you are after. Look at what they are looking for and include these keywords in your CV. Recruiters will use that same language during their searches, so doing this gives you a higher chance of being flagged as a match.

It’s simple, but these 4 tips will help you get more calls. Think like a recruiter when trying to maximise return on your efforts in job-search engines.