Choosing the right recruitment agency

Are you are currently looking for staff, but not sure which recruitment agency suits you? Here are some tips on how to choose a recruitment agency that fits your hiring needs, and for you to consider what you’re really looking for.


  • Do your research – If the website shows their team, does the team constantly change or are they are long-serving employees? Research their experience in the area that you would like to seek their help in.


  • Contact the agencies – Do they answer the phone quickly? Do they sound efficient, and do you get a call back if you request one? Ask questions for information that you need to know to help understand the agency better.


  • Find out how much experience the recruiter has – You might want to find an experienced recruiter when recruiting for position with hard-to-find skills. Recruiters with a reasonable amount of experience would have spent years setting up networks with good candidates.


  • Meet your agency face to face – Building a relationship is vital for both clients and candidates, it is important that the relationship is two ways, where expectations can be discussed openly and honestly.


  • Values – do they have the same values as your company? It is important you go for an agency with an ethos you can align with.


  • Get to know their process – it is important to know if their ways of work match your internal processes. Every company has their own different processes, so it is advisable to find out if the agency that you have chosen fits as much as possible with your processes.


You will find yourself facing challenges by wanting to choose the right recruitment agency for your hiring position. Why not make your business run more efficiently and effectively? If you are currently looking for the right recruitment agency, we are a recruitment agency for humans, where we treat everyone like people and not numbers.