[title type=”subtitle” subtitle=””] Be ready for end of interview questions to ask the employer [/title]

Quizzing the person sitting across the desk often feels strange at the end of an interview, but not only is it an opportunity for you to glean more information from them, but it’s also another area in which the interviewer is making judgements about you. Questions at the end of an interview count, believe us.

So don’t be unprepared, almost every interviewer will ask if you have any questions for them.  You should always have something prepared, but what should you ask? We’ve put together some of the best examples.

What career opportunities does this position offer?

You’re driven, you’re enthusiastic, you’re ambitious. This is what you’re telling interviewers when you ask this question. You’re also finding out whether the job you’ve applied for is a dead end, or whether your future could lie with this company through growth and promotion.

What are the challenges for this position?

You want to know what you could be facing, and this question addresses that. It may also squeeze out any information about elements of the job that might not be so great. It gives the interviewer the impression that you’re ready to deal with challenges by knowing they exist in every job.

What qualities are you looking for in candidates for this role?

Through asking this question, you’re getting an idea for how the company defines success. It can help you weigh up whether you think you’re the right candidate for this job after all, and whether your ambition is matched with the employer’s.

What do you enjoy about working at this company?  

This question is a great way to learn more about the company culture, and personalities of employees without directly asking. It shows you’re inquisitive, and puts you on a personal level with the employer.

What are the next steps for the interview process? When am I likely to hear if I’ve been successful?

These are the last points you should address. Show you’re willing to see the process through, regardless of your success. It will also give you an accurate timescale in order for you to follow up with the interviewer, and an idea of what to expect and when.


Image credit reynermedia on Flickr