Do you want more?

Just how do you successfully ask for a pay rise?

Most people in the UK are reserved when it comes to talking about their earnings and rarely enjoy asking for a pay rise.  I think we are all aware of what happened to Oliver Twist when he asked for more!

So is there a good way to do it, where you can ask for a pay rise, with confidence?

Always be honest. If you think the job that you are doing is worthy of being paid more, do your market research and find out what other companies pay for a similar role.

Bring together evidence of your capability and present it in a logical way.

Ask clients and suppliers (these can be internal or external) if they have any feedback and include that.  Other people’s opinions can be vitally important to help showcase your value to the business you work in.

Look at your original job description and use actual examples of where you have gone above and beyond.  Include examples of saving time, saving money, making money and improving processes. This will prove that you are an employee that they will want to reward!

After you have documented all the facts it is time to pitch your pay rise case.

Even if your employer agrees with you they may be unable to relinquish the budget for you immediately.  You may also have to achieve certain goals within an agreed time frame before they are able to increase your salary.  Make sure you keep track of agreed time frames and have regular meetings with your manager to discuss your progress towards your pay rise!  As long as you have done your research, presented your case factually and professionally you should be fine.  Just remember, you are in control of your career and it is up to you to make sure you achieve your goals.

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