Brighton Summit

What did I learn at my first Work Conference?


What an inspiring day at Brighton summit, which was held at the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts at University of Sussex – Brighton chamber


I loved the unfrazzled workshop and made a cute little crochet cocoon planter too


The day was also full of inspiring speakers, Rachel Watkyns, Mike Adams and finally Floella Benjamin – Here is what I learnt at my first Brighton Summit



1. Rachel Watkyn, she was very motivational telling us her journey of how she started and where she is now – how she spent her formative years in care after a traumatic early childhood. This began as a jewellery company, but her struggle to find recycled and environmentally friendly packaging sparked the idea for the tiny box company, supplying businesses with attractive, ethical packaging.


2. I attended a workshop called unfrazzle – Stephanie Lam taught us that phones are the main source of becoming frazzled. A few good tips she gave us were to uninstall social media apps that make us feel stressed, instead of using our phones as an alarm use an alarm clock, leave our phone in another room while you sleep and stop using your phone an hour before you go to bed.


3. cocoon & me – Designs are handmade and unique, the aim is to make beautiful objects for everyday living and life. I have learnt to make a crochet planter pot. Since attending this workshop I have started crocheting at home, I really enjoy this, it’s very peaceful.

After that

4. We all saw Mike Adams – He is CEO of Purple, an organisation changing the disability conversation with disabled people and businesses. Purple sees disability as a value opportunity and Mike is leading the development of products and services which are beginning to transform the landscape across all business sectors.This includes Purple Tuesday, which has achieved national acclaim for its contribution to online accessibility.


5. I saw Luke Taylor – he taught us that your brand is about how you position yourselves in the market, how you operate, what kind of people you hire, and how you rally an audience and your team. Your brand is the mechanic for achieving your business strategies.

Last but definitely not least

6. was Baroness Floella Benjamin – she is a Trinidadian-British actress, singer, presenter, author, businesswoman, and politician. It is her mission to show young people that through hard work and commitment they can become anything they want, and to never stop smiling! She was truly amazing and had the audience in tears.
Wow! What a day it was! Thank you