Director Helen Vane appears not once but twice in the latest issue of Worthing & Adur Connect Magazine

For GoGecko, being a Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce member is fantastic. We’re in touch with so many wonderful local businesses through this network, and the events we’ve attended have been not only immensely useful, but fun too. The Worthing & Adur Connect Magazine is a publication designed for members, in which articles, interviews, and dates for the diary can come together. Issue 4 contains GoGecko not just once, but twice!

The first instance is the introduction of Helen to the team of Chamber Ambassadors. This team of volunteers┬áconsist of members that go the extra mile to support and promote the Chamber. They’re dedicated to improving communication within the Chamber, and will be present at all events to welcome guests, answer questions and listen to suggestions. Helen’s proud to be a Worthing & Adur Chamber Ambassador, and is looking forward to getting even more involved!

The second mention is to provide feedback for the latest peer mentoring group, something director Helen has been involved in for some time. Here is what she said…
Peer to peer mentoring was a natural follow on for me from the 12 week business start up course I did at the beginning. I love working for myself, but miss the banter and support of a team. People to bounce off who understand you and are rooting for you to succeed. That’s what Peer to Peer is for me – the opportunity to support and be supported, and be told the absolute truth no matter how hard it is to hear. I count my group as friends, and the best support network I could have ever imagined.