How to help employees love their job even more

We all want a job that we are passionate about. Some people job-hop in search for that perfect job. However, they may have found the perfect job with their current employer, if they did a good job of engaging their workforce.


From one business owner to another, these are my top tips to help employees love their job even more:

  1. Listen to your employees – they have a perspective of the workplace that we will never see. Often, they will have knowledge of the flaws/ holes in the system that you may not be aware of. Hear them out.


  1. Encourage innovation and creativity – employees have great ideas to contribute to the company. Recognise their efforts to encourage more contributions and improve the company through innovation.


  1. Have fun together – a workplace doesn’t always have to be a serious place. There are ways to weave in fun throughout your day. Play work games together, host holiday lunches or plan a happy hour to get your company socialising with one another. This can make a big difference.


  1. Play to your employees’ strengths – empowering your employees through their strengths will make them feel like they are positively contributing to the workplace. Encourage them to set targets and goals for themselves, it’ll allow them to see their progress and helps repetitive tasks feel less mundane.


  1. This is a big one: celebrate your employees! People want to be recognised for their hard work and accomplishments. There are many simple ways you can celebrate your employees’ accomplishments, such as bonuses or pay rises, employee of the month awards, or even simple things like making sure you thank them for their help and contributions and make them feel valued in a way that is meaningful to them.



  1. Stop micromanaging – this can cause employees to view themselves as less responsible for their tasks, as well as their credit that goes with the job well done, which can decrease job satisfaction. Learn to delegate and trust in their abilities.


True job satisfaction comes when you do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do!