How to retain your employees

If you’re a business owner like me, you know that

More than 4 in 10 workers are thinking about quitting their current jobs. Given the current state of the job market, it’s now more important than ever to retain talent.

Here are some tips on how to retain your employees:

1.      Recognise your employees’ contributions – it’s important to encourage managers to recognize their staff’s work. They can also go further to offer division or company-wide recognition of staff who go the extra mile.


  1. Treating everyone equally – nobody wants to feel left out. Regularly checking in with the whole team and recognising good work the moment it takes place can make a BIG difference.

  1. Consider your benefits package – benefits are a major factor nowadays. For nearly 6 in 10 employees, a company’s benefits package is the most important non-salary factor they consider when assessing a job. Make yours stand out.

  1. Provide plenty of training opportunities. – you can’t over-train someone, nor can you underestimate the value in providing regular, on-going training for employees. Why would someone leave a company that has their best interests and personal development at heart?

  1. Focusing on flexibility – employees who can flex their hours to accommodate family caregiving, medical needs, or even a simple afternoon walk are likely to feel more in control of their workday and more able to attend to their needs. This will make them more productive at work too as they won’t feel stretched to their limits so will be more able to focus all of their attention at work when they are in.

The majority of leavers are only doing so because they believe better opportunities exist elsewhere. Employees who feel valued and believe that their companies are invested in their success will be happier, more productive, AND more loyal.