How do you upgrade your CV?CV

On average a CV has 7 seconds to grab attention – a very short amount of time to make impact! Your CV should entice them enough to want to know more about you in that span of time. You should focus on your personal and professional development, showing how you’ve grown and changed in your roles and the key accomplishments you have achieved. This will demonstrate you’ve learnt from your past experiences and roles, and that you’re committed to learning and expanding your skillset. This will all help upgrade your CV.

Our top tips to upgrade your CV:

• Be sure to include any relevant skills for the job role you’re applying for – do the research.

• Try to include some of the keywords that the employer has used in the job description.

• Write a small description of yourself with examples of your RELEVANT knowledge and achievements.

• Include experience you have gained from project outside of work and list any interests you may have, especially if they are relevant to the nature of the position you’re applying for.

• Check your CV carefully for any spelling or grammar errors – especially if you are applying to a job where attention to detail is key! Be sure to take your time when updating your CV as this is a reflection of yourself and your work ethic.

We can tell if a CV has been rushed or if a minimal amount of effort that has been put in. If you think you don’t have enough experience to note down, maybe try taking some free courses online to show that you’re interested in investing time into yourself and your learning and development – this will also help you stand out from the crowd!