How do you improve by being the best version of yourself – in the workplace and in all other areas of life? A question every self-help book claims to have the answer for and that at one point or another we’ve all asked ourselves.

In my opinion, the passion and motivation that helps you reach your goals can make anything possible. As you improve yourself day by day, more opportunities will open up to you.

Here are some tips I have found helpful to become the greatest version of you, that I’d like to share:


1.       To be the best version of you, stay positive and think positive – don’t let deadlines and feedback lower your self-esteem and inside strength; these are learning opportunities we can grow from. Every problem has a solution, and persistence will earn the reward at the end.


2.       Be kind to yourself. Negative self-talk is normal every now and again, but I want to challenge YOU to change this into a positive by focusing on what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t. Don’t look at others as competition – we are all so different, the real improvement or success comes from your own definition of this, and being a bit better than you were yesterday.


3.       Staying motivated – what inspires you to achieve your goals? Find the answer to this and describe it in active words/phrases that describe how you will feel when you succeed. Create your own mantra with this. Short-term setbacks won’t get you down when you keep your best self in focus. Prioritise being the person your mantra describes.


4.       Strive to upgrade your skills – be ready to continually find ways to upskill your talents. You can attend seminars, meetups, events, enrol in short courses, sign up for webcasts, and more. This does not need to be expensive either – you’d be surprised at the amount of free content out there – you just need to do your research.

5.       Have a constant evaluation of your career – it’s important you enjoy what you do for a living. At the end of the day, we spend a big amount of our lives working, so it has to be something that inspires you and works for you. Do you love your work or are there things you would like to change? Your passion deserves to be recognised and it might be worth having a chat with your manager to see if changing a few things would make you enjoy it better.


  1. Be strategic – think about the dream job/life you would like to have, break down what you will need for this, and work backwards from there. It all starts with the first step of learning. You will reach that last step if you work hard and believe in yourself.


The more you practise these things the better you get at them. Start slowly incorporating them into your life and you’ll slowly but surely notice the difference! This will help you achieve being the best version of you!

What tips would you give others who are working on improving themselves? What worked for you? Let’s start a supportive conversation in the comments!