How do you prepare for an online interview?

This is a question many people have asked themselves as we navigate through a time that’s increasingly geared toward the digital pathway. Now that an online interview tends to be the default way for companies to get to know you and assess your knowledge and skills, it is key to know how to properly navigate these so that you can shine as much as you would at a face-to-face interview.

Here are our expert tips to ensure you succeed at your next online interview:

1. Test your tech! Many people do not do this or leave it until the last minute. If your microphone is not working and you need to find a headset during the interview, this comes across as unprepared.

2. Prepare as you would for a face-to-face interview. Yes, you can use your table to have some notes out of view, but make sure you use these as brief reminders rather than reading off of them.

3. Practise, don’t memorise. You need to be prepared for unexpected questions. It is important to get your personality across, and memorising a script can make you seem more robotic, so try and avoid this.

4. Frame yourself well in front of your video camera and minimise background distractions. A plain background, good lighting, and mitigating any background noises as much as possible is ideal.

5. Dress code – dress a step smarter than you would for an ordinary video call. If you usually wear a T-shirt, wear a blouse. If you usually wear a shirt, wear a jacket. It’s better to over- than under-dress in terms of smartness.

6. If in doubt – ask! The worst you could do is assume.

We hope this tips are helpful. Next time you have an online interview, put these in practice for a better experience!


-Team GoGecko