GoGecko seek and recruit for PA jobs in Sussex

Behind every manager or director, you’ll usually find a hard working PA making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. They’re used to juggling multiple priorities, regular contact with a wide range of people, and using sharp organisational skills. When you’re looking for PA jobs in Sussex, it can be tough to find one that suits your skills and experience, and when you’re looking for a PA, it’s imperative you find one that fits in with the company ethos, as well as your individual expectations too.

When we find PA positions for candidates, we make sure we drill down into where your skills really lie. This may be more on the admin side of things, so we’re not necessarily looking for a role where administration is dealt with by another member of staff, or even team. It may be mainly organisation of travel arrangements, in which case a role where you, for example, assist company director who has to visit overseas regularly may be suited to you. You could specialise in HR, PR, or advertising, for example. We get to know you as a person, so that we know the perfect fit when we see it.

Similarly, when we’re approached by a company who needs a PA, we ensure we make note of every facet of the job, and get to know the individuals who will be working closest to the new member of staff. PA’s are vital to the smooth running of a successful company, so it’s important to know the sort of person that’s going to slot seamlessly into the role.

GoGecko seek and recruit for PA jobs in Sussex – get in touch with us if you’re a personal assistant ready for a new challenge, or if you need a PA to support the every day running of your business.