Four questions you should never ask in an interview

They say the worst question at a job interview is the one you didn’t ask, but we’re fairly sure there are some less-than-wise inquiries you can make that can give all the wrong impressions. Here are some examples…

“Could you tell me about the company?”

It’s best not to ask about anything that a quick Google search could have told you. At least a basic understanding of what the company does and where they sit in the landscape of their industry is expected, to show you’re actually interested in working there.

“Are the hours flexible?”

This shows a struggle to commit properly from the off. Similarly, asking when your lunch break is, or asking if you can leave early if you get all your work done can also indicate a desire to escape before you’ve even begun. Leave the negotiating until you get the job.

“What will the salary be?” 

A necessary question, you might think, but until the interviewer offers this information, it’s recommended that you don’t ask for it. And if they don’t, wait until they offer you the job to start worrying about it. Asking prematurely indicates a mindset geared about money more than a desire to genuinely suit the position.

“How did I do?”

The positive impression you’ve built throughout the interview could all be undone if you make this throwaway remark as you leave. It puts the interviewer in a very awkward position, and if they wanted to give you feedback there and then, they would have done.

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