Do you need some tips on how to get your employees to love their job?

You’ve probably heard about the state of the current job market, where there are currently more jobs than candidates to fill them, making every offer an opportunity for an employee to resign. This can be really scary, especially for smaller companies. How can we stop this from happening at this crucial time?

Using these tips will help employees love their job.

1. Listen to your employees and if they have any suggestions, listening and implementing these will go a very long way. A bit of flexibility will make them feel valued.

2. Encourage innovation and creativity. Your employees have great ideas to contribute to the organisation, so make sure you recognise their effort to improve the company through their input.

3. Train your managers right, to value transparent communication and collaboration. These are key factors that create a stronger workplace so coach them on their leadership skills and ongoing employee engagement training.

4. Have fun together! A workplace doesn’t always have to be a serious place. There are ways to weave in fun throughout your day. Play work games together, host holiday lunches or plan a happy hour to get your company socialising with one another.

5. Focus on your employees’ strengths. Empowering your employees by playing to their strengths will make them feel like they are contributing positively to the workplace. Encourage them to set targets and goals for themselves. This will allow them to see their progress and helps repetitive tasks feel less mundane.

6. Celebrate your employees – people want to be recognised for their hard work and accomplishments. There are many simple ways you can celebrate your employees’ accomplishments, for example employee of the month awards and reward schemes.

7. Stop micromanaging. Micromanaging employees multiple times across the week can cause them to view themselves as less responsible for their tasks, as well as their credit that goes with the job well done.