Statistics show happy workers are 12% more productive than the average worker.  How happy are your people?

Healthy, confident and happy teams directly impact business success.

The most successful companies we work with care about their people. Some provide flexibility so that you can pursue your own health and wellbeing activities outside work, whilst others provide yoga and meditation sessions at work. An office dog has been shown to positively affect the atmosphere, culture and internal mindset. Additionally, whilst a massage could be perceived as a luxury, it is in fact an extremely common workplace wellbeing practice to enhance good health and productivity.
Company culture and the effects on employee health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are circumstances determined by a compilation of variables, such as an individual’s physical, financial, psychological and social position. As an employer, there are things within your control you can do to boost workplace culture.

Not all workplace culture remains positive. A toxic culture can negatively influence both employees’ physical and mental health. Whilst most characterise this as a norm, it is alarming to discover that 72% of employees take work home after hours and on weekends – which is harmful to the psyche. Furthermore, statistics show 47% of workers revealed how work has an effect on their ability to spend time with their family. Eventually, a toxic workplace will lead to employee burnout through the course of overtime, spending too much time in the office and workplace stress.


Our top tips for creating a culture that attracts and retains top talent

Provide support for mental and physical health

Did you know that the stigma around mental health and the aftermath of employee burnout costs the UK economy £1.4bn a year in unexplained sick days? Additionally, 40% of workers admit they do not feel comfortable to ask for time off for the sake of their mental health, even though 75% of decision-makers agree it is an acceptable reason for absence.

As physical and mental health go hand in hand, there are lots of things you can offer to enhance wellness. Many companies offer a gym membership for employees, others provide relevant information and articles highlighting mental health and alternatively support access to counselling sessions. Practises such as yoga and programmed massage release stress which leads to increased productivity.

Work-life balance

It is crucial to encourage a healthy work-life balance, and lead by example for your employees. If you work crazy hours and take calls at night and at weekends, your employees will feel obliged to do the same. Boundaries surrounding working hours are key. If you feel employees are working longer than necessary, they may need support to get more organised or extra resource, so they don’t feel overwhelmed. Encouraging your workforce to get out of the office during breaks is also beneficial to their productivity.

Honest and open communication

Clarity in the workforce can develop a structured and efficient team. Regular and honest feedback is collectively beneficial for staff and the company, ensuring no issues are left unheard and are supported in an efficient manner. This enhances the relationships within your team and strengthens the understanding you can provide.

Creative work space and lighting

It goes without saying – a creative environment inspires creativity. Our surroundings are a significant influencing factor to not only our productivity but also our mental wellbeing, especially due to the amount of time we spend at work. Studies show that exposure to natural light increases productivity by 18%, making this the most cost-effective method of boosting a productive workforce. Furthermore, the design of the workplace (even by simply placing plants decorative items across the office) can increase creativity and inspire people.

Practise mindfulness or meditation – just breathe

Mindfulness is the mental state you can achieve by focusing awareness on the present point, while peacefully identifying and accepting all feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. I meditate daily. I find it hard as my mind is usually buzzing with all the things I have to do. But even if I do 5 mins it sets my day up in a positive way and everything runs more smoothly. I also forget to breathe sometimes so breathing exercises really help me to ground and focus. Encourage your workers to breathe and calmly tackle their workload one step at a time.

If you are either an employee or employer who has wants more information about any of the issues highlighted in this article, we can provide honest advice and support – get in touch.