It’s #WorldListeningDay!

Have you ever caught yourself “waiting to talk” during a conversation, or turning on some upbeat music to elevate your mood? We listen for many different reasons but there is plenty that we miss, like the light rustling of a squirrel in a bush, birds chirping outside your window, or even the wind blowing through the trees. The natural world performs a constant melody, but are we listening? Challenge yourself to a few moments of quiet and see what noises fill your ears.


It’s World Listening Day and these are the noises I can hear while writing this:

  • Sprinkler spraying the grass☔
  • Laptop humming gently
  • Airplane through the sky
  • A strimmer cutting the grass
  • My fingers tapping the keyboard ⌨️


Listening is an art that requires undivided attention and patience from a person and benefits another who needs it. Listening is also beneficial for the listener, improving their listening skills and sharpening their awareness of their surroundings. Listening is considered the main part of communication. The better we listen, the better we communicate.

Take a minute or two and listen… what can you hear?

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