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22 Feb, 2022

Top tips on getting employees to love their job

Do you need some tips on how to get your employees to love their job? You’ve probably heard about the state of the current job market, where there are currently more jobs than candidates to fill them, making every offer an opportunity for an employee to resign. This can be really scary, especially for smaller […]

22 Feb, 2022

How to upgrade your CV

How do you upgrade your CV? On average a CV has 7 seconds to grab attention – a very short amount of time to make impact! Your CV should entice them enough to want to know more about you in that span of time. You should focus on your personal and professional development, showing how […]

24 Dec, 2021

How do you nail a competency-based interview?

Competency-based interviews: what are they? How do you prepare? What can you expect? 🤔 What exactly do you need to prepare for in a competency based interview? In competency-based interviews, you’ll get competency-based questions. These are designed to assess your level of competency in different areas they find important. For example, let’s say you are […]

1 Nov, 2021

What’s the best way to prepare for an interview?

What’s the best way to prepare for an interview? Different companies have different interviewing styles – however, being well prepared will make you shine regardless.   So, what’s the best way to prepare for your next interview?   Well, the first one is obvious, but do your research into the company! Don’t just use their […]

1 Nov, 2021

CV – 5 Dos and Don’ts

CV – 5 dos and don’ts!   Going through hundreds of CVs per week, you end up working out what makes or breaks a CV. From a recruiter’s point of view, these are my 5 Dos and 5 Don’ts for CVs:   Dos –   1) Include specific, measurable key achievements under each job in […]

8 Oct, 2021

Let’s talk about burnout!

Let’s talk about burnout! Let’s talk about burnout! Burnout, for many, is the number one reason for changing jobs/careers. Burnout is emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress from work. At work, there can be many things causing this, from excessive work to unclear expectations. As scary as it might be, […]